I'm Tiffany Ngu

I help coaches and consultants to simplify their online processes with ready made funnel templates and automation so they can grow more revenue while working less.

Here's How We Can Help You

These are my 3 main products and services to help entrepreneurs & online businesses
Marketing Funnels

We specialize in creating strategic marketing funnels that guide potential customers through a tailored journey, from initial awareness to conversion.

Business Coaching

Transform your business with our expert coaching services, designed to elevate your skills, streamline operations, and maximize growth potential.

Business Consulting

Elevate your business strategy with our consulting expertise, offering data-driven insights, innovative solutions, and a tailored approach to address your specific challenges.

Our Services

What Do We Offer

Marketing Funnels

We help you to unlock the power of the marketing funnel to seamlessly guide your audience from discovery to conversion. We craft strategic pathways that captivate, engage, and convert prospects, maximizing your brand's impact and driving measurable results across every stage of the customer journey.

Business Consulting

Navigate the complexities of business with confidence through our comprehensive consulting services. We deliver tailored strategies, data-driven insights, and innovative solutions to optimize operations, drive growth, and empower your business for sustained success in today's competitive landscape.

Training & Resources

Elevate your team's potential with our business training and resources. From academy membership to comprehensive resources, we offer tailored programs that empower your workforce, foster professional development, and ensure your business stays ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape

Executive Coaching

Experience transformative leadership with our executive business coaching. Tailored to high-level professionals, our coaching services empower executives to refine their leadership style, enhance decision-making skills, and navigate challenges with strategic acumen, fostering personal and organizational success in today's dynamic business environment.

Conferencing & Talks

Empower your conferences with our experience and knowledge, designed to captivate and enlighten your audience. From compelling keynote speakers to insightful panel discussions, we curate impactful talks that inspire, inform, and elevate your event, ensuring a memorable and engaging experience for all participants

About Me

Founder of The Marketing Shortcuts

Over the past 9 years, I have consulted with industry-leading entrepreneurs and businesses around the world to help grow and scale their businesses online.

The Marketing Shortcuts is created specifically to simplify the online journey for entrepreneurs who are in the service and information-based industries.

We create relationship-based marketing systems that are designed to CONNECT with your ideal client and also to help businesses in generating countless dollars in revenue online.

We believe that creating relationships through funnel marketing is the best way for us to get results for our clients. Funnels are not about profit, statistics or client stages. Funnels are about trust and relationship building.

My true passion is to see my clients succeed.

"For anyone aspiring to take their business to new heights and gain profound insights into optimizing sales funnels, I wholeheartedly encourage engaging with Tiffany's invaluable guidance and instruction."