Use This Automated Strategy Call Funnel To
Fill Up Your Calendar With Ready To Buy Clients

A Complete High Ticket Sales System

Closing high ticket sales on the phone from a hot prospect is made a lot more efficient and effective because of this powerful funnel.

People usually buy from people that they know, like and trust.

With this funnel,

  • You can ask questions to pre-qualify people from cold leads to hot prospects

  • When your prospects answer your pre – qualifying questions, this will help you to get to know them and their situation better (before your appointment call with them), which in return will enhance their level of trust and relationship with you.

  • As a result, moving them from hot lead into a paying client will become easier.


Personally, I have used this funnel to generate many strategy calls on autopilot and also close high ticket sales in my online business over the years.

Now you can do the same by:

  • by sending your existing leads or drive targeted traffic from social media (such as Facebook, Google) to the landing page

  • see your calendar fill up with appointments every day

  • and get ready to close sales

This Funnel can be used with Kartra’s own calendar system or others (such as calendly, you can book me) that support embedding and the ability to choose your own thank you page.

This strategy call funnel is built completely using Kartra, the All in One Marketing Platform that starts at $99 per month

The Quickest Way To Launch Your Campaign

Import this ready made funnel straight into your Kartra Account to save yourself time, stress and frustration


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We create all our funnels and website templates with the purpose of giving you a peace of mind and they will be regularly updated.
We Provide Full Training
For all our funnels and website templates so that you can move forward to launch out fast.
All our training recordings are in HD video quality. You can enlarge the screen and see every detail of how to edit your Funnel.
Besides learning how to edit the funnel you have purchased, we will also provide you with training on all of Kartra’s main features.
Be part of our Facebook clients community who use our Funnels and Websites to build their online businesses. Here, you may ask questions and get support from myself or my team or our like – minded peers.
Let’s Get Your Funnel Going Fast

There are two ways you can purchase the funnel.

  1. You can learn to do it yourself by following our training videos OR
  2. Hire our team to customise your funnel with all the content you provide such as Pages & Email Copy, Logo, Images and Colour Scheme.


You edit the funnel the way you want it to be using Kartra’s drag and drop editor.
Follow our step by step training so you will learn exactly how to launch your funnel within hours.
As long as you have the funnel within your own Kartra account, you can use it multiple times.
We will provide extra help to support you whenever you need it.



We will help to edit your funnel according to how you want it to be in terms of colours, fonts and add your written content, images, videos and logo.
If all content is provided, we will normally take about 7 days to complete your funnel.
Watch our step by step training so you will know how to make simple changes to your new done for you funnel if needed.

Our team will be available to support you and ensure your funnel is working well at all times.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions I get about the Strategy Call Funnel.
If you have a different question, just click on the help icon to get in touch.

Do I need to have Kartra in order to use this Funnel?

Yes, you do need a Kartra account because this website is 100% created using this software.

If you are interested in getting this website template, all you need to do is to purchase the website first, and then sign up for Kartra afterwards.

What will happen after I have bought this Website Template?
You will receive an email immediately with a secret code that will allow you to import the entire website into your Kartra account.

What else do I need to do to get this working?

After you have imported the website template into your Kartra account, you may want: to mask it with your own custom domain and then change the branding to your own follow by adjusting the copy, dates, emails and countdown timers as required
Is it possible for me to use the website more than once?
Once the website is imported into your Karta account, you can duplicate it as many times as you want and use it for other purposes. Having said that, the only thing you cannot do is re-share it to other people’s Kartra account.
Will you provide any help if I’m stuck?
Yes we will offer help specifically to this Website so that you can get it up and running quickly. However, if you have any issues with using Kartra itself, we would recommend you reach out to their own support team.
Is it possible for me to connect your other Funnels to this Website?
Yes, it is possible. Do reach out to us if you plan to do that. We will advise you on what is best for your business.
Will it take long to get this new Website live?

The launching of the new website can take less than 3 hours if you have:

  • all the content ready such as the copy, images, logo and any videos
  • watch our short training videos and put everything together
Is it possible for me to edit all the newsletter email sequences?
Yes, it is possible and it’s very easy to do that. You can also add more emails to the sequence and control the time between every email. We will provide you the tutorial videos on how to do that.